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Brad Clark, Owner

Brad has over 40 years of experience designing and 
installing custom landscapes. He specializes in designing and repairing artificial and natural rock waterfalls, koi ponds, and pool pump repair. 
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- Do You Hate Looking At A Chipped Faded Waterfall?

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Do you have an artificial waterfall that needs to be repaired, but you don't want the hassle of calling a bunch of contractors for multiple quotes? Caribbean Dreams Landscapes just made the entire process easier for you!
  •  Take pictures of your waterfall with your phone
  •  Text us the pictures and go about your business
  •  We send you a personalized quote via text, email, phone
It's the easiest way to repair your waterfall!

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    Artificial waterfalls typically need some form or repair and/or maintenance, about every 4-5 years. The water constantly running over the cement will fade the paint. Settling from cracks can cause leaks that cost you money, damage your property, and wastes water. 

    Increase Property Value
    Keeping your waterfall running smoothly and looking great 
    Stop Wasting Money
    A leaky waterfall can waste a lot of water, and a lot of money.
    Enjoy Your Landscape
    Your waterfall can create a paradise for you to enjoy!
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